When a learner is ready to leave the Training & Learning Centre, we ask them to fill out a brief survey that provides us with valuable feedback. It helps us to know what we are doing well, what we can improve to make our service better, and whether we helped the learner to accomplish their goals.

What Our Learners Have to Say:

“I learned that I am not so different and that my thoughts are valid. Being here has built my self-esteem and I am a more confident person.”

“The most valuable thing I learned was to always keep learning. Don’t give up – you have more skills than you realize. There’s always a way to achieve your goals as long as you keep trying to get there.”

“The tools I got from here will help me for the rest of my life.”

“I really liked the hours and found it very helpful. My teacher was amazing and the students were very nice.”

“I got personalized instruction from the teacher and an individualized course that was tailored to my needs at a pace that was slow enough for me.”

“The materials provided were excellent. The staff was patient and open to teaching what matters to me.”

“The most useful thing about the Training and Learning Centre was that I got one-on-one help and had someone take the time to explain things to me.”

“Without the Training and Learning Centre, I wouldn’t know where to go to get upgrading. I would have been lost.”

“The setting and people were very friendly, and you learn at your own pace. The teacher was a great support.”

“It helped me to overcome my fear on computers and not to be ashamed to ask for help.”

“I would recommend the Training and Learning Centre because it really is a terrific place to learn.”

“I got so much help here and I know a lot of people who could be helped too.”

“I was encouraged to try things — even if they might be wrong. I got encouragement to explore computers. I gained new knowledge in every lesson. I learned from my mistakes and learned new tools.”

“The Training and Learning Centre was a great experience. I learned a lot and the teachers were excellent!”

“I always felt proud of myself during my involvement in the program. I thought I would feel the opposite.”

“It is a very enjoyable place to learn and a wonderful staff to work with. The Training and Learning Centre helped me to gain confidence and pursue my goals.”

“Sue Rupert helped me to line everything out. I’m getting my grade 12 — I’m almost finished it now. I applied for college in the fall and I’m going to go through for a PSW.”

“It’s just like being at home. You work at your own pace, which is really helpful…especially for people who are lost. And they know they can be found.”